Size Of Mini Skid Steer Loader ML525L Mattson

                              Size Of Mini Skid Steer Loader ML525L Mattson

                              Mattson 25HP track skid steer loader is a ideal design with a skid steer structure two swing-oil tank ,the behind walking is very convenient for user to operate. Mechanical operating .

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                              Product Details

                              Mattson 25HP track skid steer loader is a ideal design with a skid steer structure two swing-oil tank ,the behind walking is very convenient for user to operate. Connecting attachments by Quick Attach could finish any works in homemade,farming,garden,small construction,municipality

                              maintenance,landscape,arboriculture,grounds maintenance,etc....






























                              Product Parameter




                              Moving type





                              5.6 km/h

                              Rated loading capacity

                              416 kg

                              Tipping load

                              832 kg


                              1883 mm




                              1060 kg

                              Hydraulic oil flow

                              33.9 L/min

                              Oil tank capacity

                              35 L

                              Pump Capacity


                              System Relief @ Quick Couplers

                              210 Bar

                              Battery capacity





                              Kubota, D1105, 25HP

                              Engine type

                              Diesel, 3 cylinders, water cooled

                              Rotation speed


                              Product Features

                              1. 25.2 HP Kobuta  CHARGE ENGINE  

                              2.Standard quick coupling system can use hundreds of different attachments.

                              3.Extremely compact design, light weight, easy to transport and smart in narrow working environment.

                              4. No DPF

                              5.Reasonable arrangement of the control levers and the hand hooking bar,makes the operation simple and safe with your hands.

                              6.High altitude performance 

                              7. Robust undercarriage welded to main frame 

                              8.Grease track tension design .


                              Product Details






                              Company Information




                              Linyi Million Heavy Industry Co., Ltd., established in 2011, is located at national Linyi Economic Development Zone, Linyi City, Shandong Province, China.

                              It is a subsidiary corporation of Shandong Jinzhengyang Group Co., ltd, which covers alloy pipe and seamless steel tube production, Oil and gas transmission equipment R&D and production, urban real estate, municipal construction, mining development, and construction machine industry etc.

                              With trade mark "MATTSON", Linyi Million Heavy Industry Co., Ltd. specilizes in R&D, production of small construction machinery, and related attachments.

                              Compact versatile mini skid steer loader, ML525, ML525L, ML525W, ML525Y, ML526SLR, ML530, ML530Y and ML550 series, with reliable quality, had exported to America, Australia, New Zealand,North Europe, and South Africa etc more than 40 countries. New developed transplanter was tested well in domestic provinces.

                              The self-made auger drive, forks, standard bucket, four-in-one bucket, road sweeper, snow shovel, hydraulic hammer, hydraulic drum mixer and other new practical accompanied attachments greatly expand the use rang of MATTSON mini skid steer loaders.

                              Warmly welcome to visit our factory and Look forwards your cooperation.

                              factory -4







                              Packaging & Shipping

                              We supervise the process from the factory to the port designated by the customer to ensure that the customer's products arrive at the destination accurately and safely.

                              1. FCL:Nude packing, 6 sets / 20'GP container, 12 sets / 40'GP container.
                              2. LCL:package by plywood box.

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