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                              Use Requirements And Purchase Skills Of Small Loaders
                              - Feb 23, 2023-

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                              Before using the small loader, the small loader needs to do some inspection work to ensure that the machine will not work when the machine stops rotating. Only by doing the inspection work well, the mining small loader can play the most important role in the operation process, so that there will be no mechanical failure during the operation. The main inspection work is as follows:


                              1. Check the power supply system: ensure that the cables and connectors are intact, and the connecting wires should be perfect without damage, such as burning, loosening, etc.


                              2. Check the hydraulic system: ensure that all components of the hydraulic system and their connecting lines are fastened and connected to avoid leakage, and that the hydraulic oil level can meet the requirements.


                              3. Check the operating system: make sure that the control handle is in the middle position and can be operated flexibly without jamming.

                              4. Check the conveyor system: the conveyor belt should be complete, the tension should be moderate, the drum and drum are easy to bend, and there will be no abnormal sound during operation.


                              5. If braking is required during operation, the pedal valve shall be placed in the middle position, that is, braking. If you need to stop for a long time, you need to press the top plate onto the floor.


                              6. When starting or backing up the minitype mining loader, it is necessary to start the alarm bell as a warning signal to prevent accidents.

                              Many large coal mines will use small rock loaders to load coal and stone according to the construction site and operation requirements. In order to ensure safe and smooth construction, safety technical measures should be formulated. The six checks before loading the small rock loader are learning tasks.


                              1. The tail wheel is hung firmly. Whether the wire rope is normal, whether it slides out of the pulley groove and gets stuck, and whether it is on the pulley.


                              2. Whether the operating mechanism is flexible and whether the brake band is tight and appropriate. Whether the installation of small loaders meets the requirements of operating procedures, and whether the machinery, electrical appliances and signals are normal.


                              3. Whether the working range of the rockfill machine is artificial. The position of the fixed stone loader is safe. Find problems and deal with them in a timely manner. No hidden danger is allowed. Mastering the above points can effectively improve construction safety awareness and ensure safe operation.


                              How to select and purchase small loaders?


                              1. Before purchasing, you should first know whether the working environment or loader can be used. The loader is applicable to metal, non-metal mines, mines, hydropower stations, headrace tunnels, headrace tunnels, railway engineering tunnels and other industries (2m x 2m) machinery and equipment, as well as mining, transportation and loading of various minerals, minerals, mud, mud and soil.


                              2. According to the working environment, it is decided whether to modify the loader, usually considering the length of the hole, etc.


                              3. Many manufacturers choose manufacturers with high reputation and high quality. The manufacturer's after-sales service and training on machine use and basic maintenance.

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