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                              Mattson ML525SLR Wireless Remote Control Skid Steer Loader At The Electrolytic Aluminum Plant Working Site
                              - Mar 22, 2023-

                                  On September 21, 2023, in one of electrolytic aluminum plant in Changji, Xinjiang, the ML525SLR remote control skid steer loader independently developed by Linyi Million Heavy Industry is working on the site. In order to collect the electromagnetic strength at the bottom of the electromagnetic tank, Mr. Ming Congcong, who is general manager and technical chief engineer of Linyi Million Heavy Industry, led the sales and technical personnel of Million Heavy Industry to go into the bottom of the electromagnetic tank for field data collection under the high-intensity magnetic field environment, the purpose is to make the ML525SLR remote control skid steer loader can work normally without interference in the high-intensity magnetic field environment. Constantly improve its technical update. This model is jointly developed/designed/innovated by Mr. Ming congcong, chief technical engineer of Linyi Million Heavy Industry, and the technical team led by him. Since the product has been promoted to the market, it has greatly improved and promoted the work efficiency in the narrow space/low environment, and has been praised by customers. For the domestic construction machinery industry new products to make machine even better, at the same time, but also in the world's construction machinery industry is far ahead!





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